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Our project managers work around the clock to insure we provide not only quality work but an out standing customer service.

From general repairs to buildings or preventive maintenance of systems and equipment  we have it covered.

Building Maintenance

PCBM Rollout Services

Rollout Services

Our construction team is made up of more than 600+ dedicated professionals who bring the latest advances in construction to every project.

Construction Services

Get your project on the way today with a company that provides more than just promises

Clients & Partners

  • Mrs. Hill, MS, RD, LDN

.. Park construction did an amazing job in coordinating and communicating the daily task list and did an amazing job in renovating flooring in our 9000 square feet unit in only 7 days. This well planned out and short timeline process helped reduce the stress for our teammates and patients during the renovation.

Mrs. Hill, MS, RD, LDN , Davita Dialysis

PCBM has an extremely dedicated network of sub contractors and internal personnel that really do go above and beyond!

They will work tirelessly on projects and stop at nothing to make sure the job gets done, even if it means working around the clock – they truly do care about the clients and the outcome of the work. Our sub contractors are essentially an extension of our company and they are required to follow our process, protocols and use our technology.