Success through partnership

PCBM  values our vendor partners. Together, we work to execute
flawlessly our promise of superior customer satisfaction. In turn, vendors who deliver on
that promise earn opportunities for even more business.

Some key facts about PCBM:

  • We manage more than 10,000 locations nationwide
  • We field more than 150K service requests annually
  • We handle more than 550 client problem codes

Let's grow together

PCBM is experiencing explosive growth. By becoming a PCBM Facility Maintenance Vendor, your company can reap the rewards of that growth. Our scale and density are preferred by vendors looking for increased efficiency and predictability in work.

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Clients & Partners

PCBM has an extremely dedicated network of sub contractors and internal personnel that really do go above and beyond!

They will work tirelessly on projects and stop at nothing to make sure the job gets done, even if it means working around the clock – they truly do care about the clients and the outcome of the work. Our sub contractors are essentially an extension of our company and they are required to follow our process, protocols and use our technology.